May 21, 2016

Summer's Around The Corner!

Can't believe school's out in just a week and a half!  Time for some fun!  Well, not exactly.  Not a whole lot of change for us.  Still work and kids will be back at academics in a couple of weeks after school gets out.

Looking forward to camping, Las Vegas, more baseball for both boys, and not stressing about getting homework done!

Koen earning his Bear rank badge!  He's movin' on up!

Happy birthday, cute James!

Ping Pong at my work

At a fishing birthday party for Koen's classmate. 

Hard to see but lots of fish and turtles at his cute pond.

Happy birthday, Vienna!  Koen is behind the balloon hiding :)

April 25, 2016

Sea World

5th and final stop - SeaWorld, San Diego!  Glad we squeezed this stop into our vacation before they discontinue the Shamu show.  Again, the park was pretty empty.  No lines so we were able to go to every single exhibit/show from open to close.

Kids favorite part with the entrance where they have pools of fish to touch.  It was hard to get the kids to move away from that area and in fact, we were back at that area several more times.

Ended the day with Korean bbq for dinner in San Diego

April 24, 2016


Fourth stop is Legoland!  Kids loved it here again and it was great how empty the park was.  Barely any lines!  And even better that we met up with a couple of Koen's friends from his class!  It was great how they went off and did things together.

Riding all the fun rides with me! 

He won!

School friends - brothers x2

Should have packed swimsuits!

In the family sized dryer trying to dry off

Back to one of their favorite rides
Thady, Jared, Koen, Jaden, Cole, and Connor - all from the same school!